Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Eye Clinic London Acquires Revolutionary Device for MGD Treatment

Harley Street, London (October 18, 2016) – Distinguished ophthalmologist Samer Hamada proudly announces the recent acquisition of the E-Eye device for his practice Eye Clinic London. The E-Eye is the first and only medical device in the world to use Intense Regulated Pulsed Light (IRPL) to specifically treat dry eye symptoms caused by Meibomian glans dysfunction (MGD). More importantly, Eye Clinic London is the first and only eye ophthalmology clinic in the UK that uses this device as of now.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

An Eye Doctor Can Offer Treatment and Tips to Manage MGD Symptoms

Meibomian gland dysfunction or MGD is a condition that causes the glands along the eyelids to secrete an insufficient amount of oil. As a result of this lack of moisture, the eyes can become irritated. The common symptoms of MGD include dryness, crustiness, red eyes, blurry vision, itching, light sensitivity, and more. About 30 per cent of the adult population are affected by dry eye syndrome, and seniors are far more at risk of developing this disease.

However, good news comes in the form of a new revolutionary device for treatment – the E-Eye. If you’re in London, you can seek long term relief through an established eye doctor like Dr. Samer Hamada.

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